DALCO High Performance Computing Custom Build Solutions

DALCO AG is a leading provider of High Performance Computing solutions in Europe. DALCO specializes in the design and implementation of cluster-based supercomputers utilizing the Linux operating system. The company delivers hardware solutions customized to meet customers' exact computing requirements. DALCO's brand is associated with quality and consistent high rated support and service.

DALCO's vision is to provide the best custom tailored technology that enables the leading scientists to conduct research, reach breakthroughs and develop products – from chemistry, medicine and worldwide nutrition – to understand physical phenomena's and thus to enrich our daily life.

DALCO's core business is High Performance Computing. Using this know-how it extends into the design, delivery, installation and administration of network-based financial systems as well as consulting services provided by its own industry-certified systems engineers.


DALCO's custom build solutions are all OPA compatible and are supported by the DALCO Service Organization. All support and services rendered are fulfilled by certified DALCO engineers. This is an important aspect to maintain a constant high level customer centric driven support.

DALCO is an Intel Partner for over 20 years and Premier Technology Platinum Provider and strategic partner for HPC solutions.