Solve HPC challenges at any scale

Evolving research and technical workloads push the limits of high performance computing (HPC). Dell’s scalable, flexible market-ready solutions — with the latest Intel® processors — readily handle compute and data-intensive workloads to drive breakthroughs faster. Learn how Dell’s HPC blueprints, based on proven reference architectures, can help you:

Transform data into insights faster with less risk Increase bandwidth, throughput and scalability Streamline deployment and cluster management

Dell supports industry, research, government and education with market-ready HPC solutions that enable more innovation and discovery. Our scalable, flexible solutions readily handle compute and data-intensive research workloads, helping drive faster breakthroughs


Dell EMC collaborates closely with the high-performance computing (HPC) community, including our customers around the world, to advance and optimize HPC innovations. It’s our goal to turn these innovations into capabilities that are easily accessible and deployable for public and private organizations of all sizes. We want to democratize HPC.

With that thought in mind, Dell EMC supports your organization with ready-to-deploy HPC solutions that help you get started quickly with new or enhanced HPC clusters. Dell EMC provides a single source for solution design and delivery, backed by end-to-end support, to reduce deployment delays and save you time and money.

Better still, when you work with Dell EMC for your HPC solution, you have the confidence that comes with a company that powers some of the fastest supercomputers on the planet. We held the No. 1 position in total HPC revenue share heading into 2017, according to HPC market firm Intersect360 Research, and the No. 1 position in HPC storage, according to IDC. We even have one of our TOP500 supercomputing clusters in the customer-accessible Dell EMC HPC Innovation Lab, where we explore new technology, tune systems and share best practices.

Dell Networking H-Series Edge Switches, based on Intel® Omni-Path architecture, creates fabrics that meet the needs of the most demanding applications, with high message rate throughput, deterministic latency and enhanced end-to-end reliability. Dell's HPC solutions approach is tight integration of scale-out solutions comprising optimal choices of processors, memory, servers, networks, storage, and software to help deliver better cost and performance for HPC-specific workloads.