E4 Computer Engineering

E4. When Performance Matters.

E4 Computer Engineering has been innovating and actively encouraging the adoption of new computing and storage technologies since 2002. Because new ideas are so important, we invest heavily in research‚ and hence‚ in our future. Thanks to our comprehensive range of hardware, software and services, we are able to offer our customers complete solutions for their most demanding workloads on: HPC, Big-Data, AI, Deep Learning, Data Analytics, Cognitive Computing and for any challenging Storage and Computing requirements.


All E4’s 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U rack servers and workstations are compatible with Intel Omni-Path switches. E4 offers customized solutions to meet customers’ specific performance needs.

E4 1/2/3/4U Servers

Designed to be easily integrated in a 19” rack, the highly reliable 2U/3U servers by E4® are the perfect systems for critical environments. They can be highly customizable and represent the ideal solution for high performance computing applications carried out in reduced space.

E4 Workstation

Highly customizable and available in single processor or multi-processor configurations, the E4 Workstation is ideal for VFX, animation, film & television, gaming, architecture, engineering, product design, simulation, higher education, government & defense, science & medical, and general business industries.

E4 High Density Server

The E4® High-density server is the optimal solution to meet the increased business workloads or high performance computing applications. These solutions provide outstanding computational power in HA while using reduced physical space. Highly configurable and ideal for low power, high reliability and high density environments.

E4 GPU Server

E4’s wide range of GPU servers are certified to support and fit the latest generation of GPU and accelerators and are also ideal for remote desktop (VDI) and virtual workstations. Highly configurable and ideal for low power, high reliability and high density environments.

E4 Switches

Highly configurable and perfect for diverse environments, from enterprise infrastructure to high performance computing.