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HPC Cluster, AI & Deep learning, Advanced Customizing

HPC Korea provides differentiated HPC applications in the mechanical, aerospace, electronics, new materials, biotechnology, chemical, automotive, and shipbuilding fields through optimization and customizing of self-developed middleware.

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The CAE-Simulator ThunderBolt cluster solution is a customizable high performance computing cluster solution for CAE jobs, like FEA (Finite Element Analysis), CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), MBD (Multibody dynamics), Optimization, etc. The Thunderbolt Cluster solution includes low-cost microprocessor & GPU, high-speed network device, storage, etc. for parallel processing by distributed processing mechanism. It supports a wide range of systems from small and medium sized systems with tens of cores to large systems with several million cores.

HPC Korea, Inc. is one of the oldest HPC Cluster specialists in Korea providing CAE-Simulator ThunderBolt, a cluster solution with extensive technology and experience.