MEGWARE systems stand out for their innovative solutions that perfectly satisfy users' individual needs. Our work focuses on optimizing the computing power, designing the right cooling variant, and setting up a suitable management system. At MEGWARE, we develop customized solutions for HPC, Cloud and data analytics that offer maximum efficiency and scalability.

MEGWARE has been developing and installing high performance computing (HPC) systems and Linux clusters for over 25 years now. We combine the strengths of 50 highly motivated and qualified employees, who have already deployed and implemented more than 1,000 high performance computers to and at research institutes, universities, and industrial and commercial customers throughout Europe.


Megware provides a complete portfolio of servers, compute nodes, storage systems and HPC solutions that come with Intel's latest Omni-Path Architecture, a low latency network fabric based on Intel Omni-Path Edge and Director Switches and x8 or x16 PCIe Gen3 Host Fabric Interface Adapters (HFI). Using Intel's Omni-Path Architecture, our solutions deliver leading edge performance for technical and scientific computing and enable parallel storage systems to get into unmatched bandwidth dimensions for data transfers. The compute fabric can easily be scaled to several thousand compute nodes while keeping the topology and number of switches within a small footprint.