Molex develops electronic solutions that solve complex technical and business challenges for the world’s innovators by anticipating and delivering what our customers need most. From a globally integrated approach to seamless collaboration, we bring expertise and innovation together to help bring your product vision to reality. With manufacturing and design facilities around the world, our operations work closely with yours to deliver results that leverage our heritage of innovation in interconnect technology, and bring unparalleled expertise to the complex electronic solutions of tomorrow.

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zQSFP® OmniPath Cages & Cables

Supporting 100 Gbps OmniPath applications, the Molex zQSFP+ Interconnect Solution transmits up to 25 Gbps per-serial-lane data rates with excellent signal integrity, EMI protection and thermal cooling. Molex OmniPath zQSFP+ cables are offered in 26 AWG and 30 AWG, with various cable lengths available.

Impact ™ Backplane System

The Molex Impact Backplane Connector System provides data rates up to and beyond 25 Gbps along with superior signal density up to 30 pairs per cm (80 differential pairs per inch). The broad-edge-coupled transition technology enables low cross talk and high signal bandwidth while minimizing channel-performance variation across every differential pair within the system. The Impact Backplane Connector System comes in multiple offerings, including 100 ohm, 85 ohm Plus, Orthogonal Direct, Orthogonal Midplane and Power configurations.

EXTreme Power™ Connectors

EXTreme Power products offer high-current interconnect solutions with best in class power densities. The extensive product offering ranges from EXTreme MicroPower™ 16.0A blades to EXTreme PowerMass™ 150.0A modules. Molex EXTreme Power products – made for your high-current applications.

The need for high-current power interconnect solutions in increasingly smaller space continues to rise rapidly. Solving this power equation on new architectures and system platforms has been a major focus for Molex product development teams. The new Molex EXTreme Power family of products is the direct result of listening intently to our customers’ electrical and mechanical design challenges. Since no two applications are the same, the Molex EXTreme Power offering is comprised of several product families that cover a wide range of current densities, mechanical envelopes, mating terminations and configuration choices that give system designers the ability to maximize their power interconnect needs.