PSSC Labs is not just another computer company. We are the American Supercomputer company. For 25+ years we have dedicated ourselves to delivering the absolute highest quality computing solutions to the world's most demanding organizations. While other companies talk a good game, we actually deliver.


PSSC Labs is proud to certify our high performance computing servers, clusters and storage solutions compatible with Intel Omni-path Host Fabric Interface Adapters and Network Switches.

PowerWulf Clusters offer cutting edge technology hand crafted for an exceptional supercomputing experience. PowerWulf Clusters are custom configured to meet your needs and budget using the latest and greatest Intel technology like Xeon Server Processors, Intel Omni-Path Architecture fabric, and Altera FPGAs. CBeST is a software toolkit we include with each PowerWulf Cluster to help our users manage, monitor, maintain and upgrade the cluster system.

PowerWulf Clusters

PowerServe HPC, Machine Learning and AI Enterprise Servers are hand crafted for maximum performance. PowerServe HPC servers are ideal for any HPC environment in the government, academic and the commercial marketplace. PowerServe HPC solutions are used in the Machine Learning, AI, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Media & Entertainment industries.

Eco Series Servers reduce both CAPEX and OPEX through innovative design and engineering. The Eco Series Solutions are compatible with leading virtualization platforms including VMWare, KVM and Citrix and are an ideal platform for Docker containers and Rancher as well as data center OS's including Mesos and Joyent. With the Eco Series servers, you can reduce power consumption by 35%+ and with increased rack density, save significant space while optimizing network connectivity.