Silicon Graphics International Corp is a global leader in high performance solutions for compute, data analytics and data management and was acquired by HPE in Nov. 2016. SGI's solutions enable customers (financial institutions, governments, manufacturers, the healthcare industry, retail, universities, automakers, research facilities, even those in the entertainment industry) to accelerate time to discovery, innovation and profitability.

Please refer to the HPE Fabric Builders website for information on HPE Servers and Intel® Omni-Path offerings.


SGI® ICE™ is SGI's flagship scale-out platform which combines speed, scale, and efficiency to provide the most powerful distributed-memory supercomputers in the world.

SGI ICE is available with custom mezzanine cards (single and dual port) with Intel OPA and an Intel Omni-Path integrated switch with 18 internal and 30 external ports.

SGI Rackable® standard-depth, rackmount servers and clusters deliver top value and performance, based on the winning combination of the latest Intel® processor architectures and SGI expertise in designing and delivering the most advanced performance computing systems available. Rackable servers support up to 1.5TB of memory per node in an ultra-dense architecture with up to 88 cores per 1U. With support for the Intel Omni-Path x16 adapters, 48 port Edge Switches (managed & unmanaged), and Director Class 192 & 768 port switches, you have some of the most powerful cluster solutions available.

SGI UV™ is the world's most power In-Memory supercomputers. It solves complex problems at greater scale, accelerates Big Data Analytics and achieves greater insight, and increases productivity, eliminates complexity and reduces overhead. SGI UV is available with Intel Omni-Path x16 adapters, 48 port Edge Switches (managed & unmanaged), and Director Class 192 & 768 port switches.

SGI Enhanced Hypercube Routing Engine- available with Intel Omni-Path software