Developing open, Linux-based solutions, HPC and DL System

For well over a decade TERA TEC has been the leader in developing HPC solutions. TERA TEC is one of the first certified Intel Cluster Ready, Intel HPC Data Center Specialist companies in Korea. TERA TEC provides customized build-to-order HPC server solutions for enterprises and institutions with special hardware requirements.

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The TERA TEC Cluster Pack is a proprietary cluster-specific kernel and user management tool. Created by experienced hardware engineers and Intel server specialists who have been building Linux clusters for many years, the TERA TEC Cluster Pack provides convenience and stability to users along with extensive consulting services as needed.

TERA TEC HPC Cluster Pack provides various types of computing power such as Diskless, Mesh, Grid and Beowulf using High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster Service that can be applied to various fields.

University - Aeronautical, Mechanical, Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics, Biotechnology Research Institute - Corporate Research Institute, Public Research Institute Design - Graphic Design Rendering Movies - Rendering Design - Semiconductor, Road design, Architectural design and simulation Financial / Securities - Various end-of-month disposal, Profit analysis, etc. Communication - Voice analysis, Package analysis, Password field